Rezamp Fund II LLC, which we refer to as the “Company,” is a Delaware limited liability company. The principal office of the Company is:

500 W. Chandler Blvd.

Chandler, AZ 85225

The Company is owned by Rezamp Fund I LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, which is also its Manager.

Our Underlying Loans

The Company will make what are often referred to as “hard money” loans. The typical terms of our Underlying Loans are:

Principal Amount 65-75% of “After Repair Value” (ARV)
Security First Deed of Trust
Interest Rate 10-15%
Origination Fees 0-6 Points
Term 6-12 Months
Payment Terms Interest Only


Our typical Borrower is a real estate investor intending to “fix and flip” an unoccupied residential property.

How We Set Interest Rates

We set interest rates for Borrowers based on our review of the prevailing market conditions. For the most part, that means determining what interest rates Borrowers can obtain from other lenders, including banks. Once the interest rate on an Underlying Loan is determined, we set the interest rates on the corresponding Notes based on (i) interest rates our Investors can earn on similar investments, and (ii) our need to create an “interest rate” spread and thereby make a profit from the business.

Our Due Diligence Process

Our due diligence process focuses more on the property and less on the Borrower.  For a property that requires renovation or rehabilitation, we generally will use an “as completed” appraisal or other valuation analysis. These appraisals are completed by our in-house valuation team or a third-party appraiser.

For a property that will produce income, we will take into account the anticipated free cash flow.

In almost every instance, Borrowers will be required to provide their own funds to pay for a portion of the asset being acquired. Typically, we expect that the Borrower’s contribution will range between 10% and 25% of the value of the asset being financed.

Although our primary focus is on the property, we do consider Borrower’s income, liquidity, net worth, and financial history. We typically require personal guaranties from individual Borrowers (or the individual owners, where the Borrower is an entity) but can waive this requirement in unusual circumstances.

Role of Rezamp Lending

Rezamp Lending, LLC (“Rezamp Lending”), an affiliate of our manager, is a licensed mortgage bank in Arizona. As such, Rezamp Lending will serve as the loan originator for all our Underlying Loans. Since 2016 Rezamp Lending has originated more than 500 loans in the aggregate amount of more than $105 million.

Rezamp Lending will also service the Company’s Underlying Loans.

Our Principal – Justin Schnettler

Justin Schnettler has been in real estate since 2009 and has acquired over 500 properties in Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, and Texas. In 2013, Mr. Schnettler co-founded Rezamp, LLC, a real estate software company that analyzes investment properties in real time. In 2016, Mr. Schnettler co-founded Rezamp Lending.  Before 2009, Mr. Schnettler was a Program Engineering Manager and Propulsion Engineer at Orbital Sciences Corp. He has an MBA from Arizona State University – WP Carey School of Business and an B.S.E. Engineering Physics degree from University of Michigan.